Technology and Energy – Misused of Technology Products

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We are now living in a world of technology and information. Technology is in our daily lives. We find information over the internet; we take bus to school and so on. Technology does make our live better and better. However, there are some people who abuse the use of technology to commit crimes that leads us to misery. Let me list out a few examples.

Many years ago, cellular phone was just a tool for communication. From pagers to the “big bottle” phone, and then the now high technology camera phones, music phones and so on. We are all spoilt by choices today. Last time, having a cell phone equals to the status of rich, because the price is high and it is rare. On the other hand, most of the people now have a cell phone in hand. The industry of telecommunications became one of the hottest industries in the world. Because of the common of cell phones, cell phones have become the target for theft. I always was advised by my mother not to show up my cell phone whenever I am walking alone because I may possibly be a victim of robbery. Moreover, we are asked not to leave our cell phone on the tables while we are eating in a restaurant because someone may snatch our phones. Cell phones may bring us convenience and ‘style’ but too tempted criminals.

Camera, with the purpose of capturing images, is also one of the technologies that are advancing very fast. From the old camera obscura to the now smaller and smaller digital cameras, the development of camera is going rapidly fast. Some may argue that the development of digital camera made us easier to capture images and it is indeed very convenient as we can bring along everywhere we go. It is indeed very true but some who abuse the use of digital cameras to capture “unnecessary” things. We always heard news of sick fellas capturing the “exposed” of people and the existence of spy cameras in a toilet or fitting room do worry us. The most controversial use of camera is the recording or capture of “sex tapes”. Sex, always private and romantic is now being captured on film! The most recent case of Edison Chan scandal shows that the leakage of videos not only brings misery to the capturer but also the characters that are involved. In short, the misuse of technology product is problematic to some extent.

Another issue that arises together with the advancement of technology is identity theft. It is termed as to use a particular one’s identity for personal gain. The person whose identity is used may suffer serious consequences. Someone may use a device to capture the details on the ATM machine and withdraw every single cent in the stolen account. Or someone may use a person’s identity to cheat, or to pretend for personal benefits. Identity theft is undoubtedly more serious than psychical theft because the loss of identity theft is unpredicted.

In conclusion, what I am tried to bring out here is that the technology may bring misery as well if it is misused. It lies in the moral and decision of the user to either use the technology to help oneself or to commit crimes. Not only should the technology advances, the mindset of the individual and society advance altogether as well.


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