Democracy and Human Rights – Democracy in Malaysia and Freedom

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Democracy once again is the hottest topic in today’s world. Who doesn’t like democracy? It’s our freedom! It’s our world. We have the rights to speak, the rights to act! That is our point of view. Do you still think the same when you are the one holding the power?

Malaysia, as Singapore, regards as a multi-racial country. In Malaysia, there are three main races, which are Malays (the majority), the Chinese and Indians. Actually, there are similarities between Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore has a dominating party, as in PAP while Malaysia has a dominating party as well, and that is Barisan Nasional. Things changed in the last election which the opposition party denied BN (Barisan Nasional) 2/3 seats in the parliament. It’s a great achievement for a lot of Malaysians none the less. It is one of the examples of democracy, people are demanding a change.

Frankly speaking, unsatisfactory arises. The takeover case recently by Anwar shows that the citizens really are looking forward for a change. But, it is not happening, for the moment. To go in depth, 3 Malaysians are detained under ISA (Internal Security Act) because of trying to bring up sensitive racial issues (newspaper). The most ridiculous part is that one of them is a journalist and she is detained because of reporting the true news. Freedom of speech doesn’t even exist, don’t ya think so?

You want a freedom of speech, yet you cannot criticize the government in the newspaper. Moreover, you will get arrested although you just posted it on your blog. The media are pressed by the government. Anti-government comments, discussions are removed. Pro-government ideas are published as daily news.

Actually, democracy is still not common in Southeast Asia. Ideologically yes, but in reality it is not. Please name the ASEAN countries that you think really is a democratic country. Yes? No? As the famous quote “the rich is getting richer while the poor is getting poorer”. The rules are set by the elites to maintain their power in the society. This is what I learnt. For example in Malaysia, rules are set. One cannot challenge the special rights of Malay race (what they called bumiputras), one cannot openly criticize the government are those rules that are common in Malaysia.

Is it really election equals to democracy? If the people don’t like the government, what can they do in fact? Human rights been discussed. Everyone has the freedom to speak, then why am I not allowed to voice out my opinions in public? Freedom from discrimination, then why am I looked down in the society? Why am I getting unequal treatment? Freedom from want, then why I am asked to do this, to do that?

Everyone demand freedom. Then what is freedom? It is different from each of our perspective. For example, in some societies, girls are given freedom to find their real love. On the other hand, some societies, the marriage of their children are decided by the parents. The definition of freedom is yet unclear and same goes to the definition of human rights. We all agree on freedom. We all agree on human rights. But how many truly do demonstrate it in our real life?


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