Crime – Street Crime in Malaysia

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Crimes happen anywhere in this world. Even safe city like Singapore, crimes occur. Crimes could be categorized, such as crime against person (murder, robbery), crime against property (burglary, theft), crime against justice (bribery) or crime against state (espionage). Let’s take a look into crime against person, which is the most common crime that happens every day. Why do crimes happen in the first place?

Crimes against person (known as street crimes) for example robbery, murder, rape to mention a few are very common. We get to see them in the newspaper every day. OK, so what causes those people to commit crimes? I am going to talk about the crimes that occur in my living place, Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur, as the other developing cities, is undergoing rapid development and urbanization, and many from the other states rush to city for opportunities. Immigrants from ASEAN (legal or illegal) often come to Malaysia to look for a better future. The most common crimes that happen in Malaysia are snatch thefts and robberies. Well, from my personal experience, I have been robbed twice, one in year 2006 and one is year 2008. Take a look back 10 years ago, the crime rate is not as high as it is in Malaysia. So during this 10-year period, what causes the high-rise of crime rates?

Unemployment. 10 years ago was the economy crisis, many Asian countries suffer from this phenomenon and so do Malaysia. As I said above, many locals were rendered unemployed and many immigrants were sent back to their home countries, but, many stay. When the economy is not stable, unemployment rate is high. They have no jobs and no money. Under such circumstances, out of desperation, they commit crimes, robberies, thefts and so on.

Inflation. Inflation in Malaysia is getting higher and higher. Recently the petrol price in Malaysia rose to a new height of RM2.70 per liter and this brought to a new level of inflation. This makes many people in Malaysia suffer because their salary cannot cover the living expenses. If you come to Kuala Lumpur and sit in a coffee shop, you can hear people nagging and complaining (true experience). Same to above, money is not enough. What is their last resort? CRIME. You could argue that not everyone commits to crime but if you are desperate will you do so? It’s human nature.


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