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Children, too naive and too pure. When we’re young, we have to go to school every day (except weekends). After all, we always complain. “I hate school!” “I don’t want to do homework!” are phrases which are popular amongst the students. Yet, we are lucky because we have a chance to study and go to school. At the other end of the world, the children are exploited to work for low wages. Well, they don’t have a chance, do they?

Child labor is still very common in this modern world, especially in developing countries. According to International Labor Organization, there are about 250 millions children working in around the world in year 2002. (Scott Sernau: Global Problems) Mostly, children are exposed to works such as hazardous work and in the agriculture fields. In this world of so called human rights and freedom, could there e a reason why child labor still exists so widely?

The main cause of child labor is due to poverty. Poverty gives the children no choice but to work for the little money. If they don’t work, they will starve to death because the family cannot afford the daily expenses. While this happens, the children have no time for school, and the education level is not getting higher. In my opinion, this is a circular thing. When the children cannot receive proper education, they are poor. When they are poor, their children are going to suffer the same way. It is repeating and repeating.

Besides that, the capitalism market plays a heavy role in child labor. The materials cost are getting higher nowadays, as producers are going to maintain their profit, they turned their heads to cheap labor. As you can see, most of the international corporations’ factories are based in developing countries. This is where the place they found their cheap labor. In these countries, the laws are not that strong in protecting children rights and labor rights. Well, sometimes you see the “100% Hand-made” labels in certain products, just that you don’t know whose hands are those.

Several campaigns have been raised to fight against child labors, but to no avail. In order to completely eliminate child labor, we must do so from education. Education is so important that it gives opportunities to everyone in this world. For instance, one would really consider making friends with educated person rather than an uneducated person. Here comes another problem, poverty prevents children from going to school. In most poor families, they still struggle to let the children to go to school because their children have already become the financial support for their family.

The phenomenon of child labor is to be taken care seriously as children is the future of our world. I strongly believe that with the elimination of poverty, child labor is going to go down the drains eventually. This is a long way of marathon to fight poverty. The societies of all should really play their parts and make this global problem a history.


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