Class and Inequality – Poverty

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This is a world of rich and poor. We see rich people, wearing luxuriously, having all the wealthy and enjoying their lifestyle as far as they can go. On the other end, we see poor people, starving, trying to survive with as little as their earnings can be.

There are inequalities in a rich country or a poor country. There are beggars on the streets of New York City. In the city full of wealth and opportunities, yet they struggle to get what they wanted. While the riches are sitting in the office counting their money, these low-class people are trying their best to survive, day by day. Besides that, in a poor country such as Indonesia, you can still see high-class shopping centers, entertainment as in other rich countries. Does that mean the country is not poor at all? Or does that mean the differences between rich and poor is just a matter of line?

What causes inequality? Some said is the problem of society; some said it is the problem of individual. Let’s take a look at the big picture: society. The society is full of capitalists, who were all trying to get the most profit as possible. While they wanted maximum profit, they need minimum cost. In economics way, it is the minimum input for the maximum output. For quality reason, the cost of materials cannot be lower, and they turned to the labor cost. The low-class works cannot resist the job because the competition is strong. This mean the rich is getting richer, the poor is getting poorer. Some may questions: Why don’t they work harder and try to change the future? My answer is, when you are paid with low salaries, you only can think of today, not the future, not even tomorrow. You dare not think of your future. Individuals do play a little role but it is not significant.

When all else fails, it leads to poverty. Poverty exists in ever part of the world. While many actions are taken to overrun this problem, it made a small impact somehow. As quoted in Scott Sernau “Global Problems”, the poor were not always poor, they were made poor. As we can see poverty is a modern product. In the ancient times, mankind is very lack of resources of wealth, but they tend to farm well, hunt animals. Can you say they are poor? But they are happy. We see no happy man in poverty.

Many argue to change for a new economic system. Different approaches are taken. Socialism, Communism, Anarchism are of the many systems proposed. There are ideas to the problems in Capitalism but they receive little support. Capitalism is still the major economic system in the world. Why? Because capitalism fulfills men’s desire and needs. Besides that, this world is controlled by capitalists who are wealthy. Do they ever want to abandon the economic system that benefits them?

Inequality is due to the selfishness of humankind. One does what is best for self. The world of fair and equal can be done if only selfishness is extinct.


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Social Problems and Globalization Work and Trade – Poverty

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