Social Problems and Globalization

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Globalization is a hot topic recently. Many topics have arisen about the pros and cons of Globalization. Although many see globalization as a good thing, there are still some problems persist. On the other hand, globalization do brings out some social problems.

OK, first to the questions that our dear lecturer thrown to us.

1st question: How does today’s globalization differ from ancient globalization?

How? Today globalization is more towards technology, information stuffs. For example, we share information and news through the net. There’s a bombing in the other end of the world and you get to know it almost instantly. We try to express our opinions, feelings on our own blog. Now you know the power of blog hehe, even the lecturer asked us to set a blog! Fantastic. Moreover, today’s globalization has brought us a culture than blends together. We listen to hard rock music, we wander on the streets doing cheeky dance. (For some people perhaps) You do not do this in ancient times, do you?

Ancient times, we have no planes. Well, only boats lol. The British came to Southeast Asia to trade, this is a globalization thing. The Portuguese invaded Malacca, it is a globalization. For some reasons, the ancient globalization is more towards the physical stuffs. Wars, trades etc. We do have trades and wars today but the recent globalization is more focus on the information.

2nd question: Identify some of social problems that exist in Singapore and discuss how globalization has affected those problems.

Well, I am a Malaysian so I’m not so sure with the social problems in Singapore. Let’s see Malaysia’s. Malaysia is a multi-racial country, which Malays dominate in politics and population. One of the social problems that I faced in Kuala Lumpur is the increases of crime rates. Crimes have been quite a problematic issue in Malaysia for a very long time. For example, rape cases, robberies, burglaries happen almost every day. It is a social problem that many of us Malaysians concern. My perspective is that this is due to political reasons. The inflation in Malaysia is getting higher and higher. In this very time the government doesn’t come out with a solution. Well, prices up, wages doesn’t. People are getting poorer and poorer. Out of no way they turned to crimes. The society is getting furious as you can see in Malaysia’s newspapers.

Singapore, of cause incomparable to Malaysia in term of crime rates. Why? We may ask questions. The differences between our culture backgrounds are not significant, why the crime rates in Singapore are so much lower? Why the inflation is higher in Malaysia than in Singapore? Is it political reason? Or is it economical problems?

Are the social problems really emerging from the society? Have it be us to solve the problems? The government plays a big part in a country’s social problems. Due to some reasons, I am not going to say something about the government.

Why do crimes happen in the first place? It is for us to discover in the future time beings.


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